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Hey! Have you tried all of our April Specials yet? Here they are in all their delicious glory!


Those same insanely good beef short ribs that we serve in our Ribwich – on top of a pile of golden corn chips, covered in cheese,salsa and jalapeno cream! Decadent as HELL.


Our New Jersey style hot dog, a tribute to the Queen of Jersey. A deep fried frankfurt stuffed into a bun alongside deep fried pickles with a cabbage relish and mustard!


Fat and crunchy steak fries, sprinkled with chipotle salt, served with lime mayo for dippin’!


The only fried chicken n cheese burger named after a rapper from Three 6 Mafia! Feast on a big piece of fried chicken, cheese, habanero mayo, tomato, pickles and lettuce on a steamed bun!


The extremely loved dessert special is back! Rich chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust, topped with toasted marshmallow!

Come get all these specials this week! Make a booking by emailing or calling us on 02 9283 8792!

Wed 16th April 2014

Hot on the heels of the first season finale, Goodgod is proud to announce True Detective Trivia! Who knows the most about the most talked show of the year?

Levins and Angus Truskett will be your hosts for the evening, seeing just how closely you watched Woody & Matthew’s dark, brooding bro-down mystery.

Time may be a flat circle, but this is the first time we’ve ever done this… so get in early with your crew and stake out a primo table! First questions from 8pm.

RSVP here.

Did you see the rest of the Goodgod Trivias for April? There are some proper corkers in there!

Tue 8th April 2014

The S’mores Pie is back! Here are our specials for April:

Sweet & Spicy Fries – $6

Fries with chipotle salt & lime mayo

Gangsta Boo – $12

Fried chicken burger with cheese, habanero mayo, tomato, pickles and lettuce

Short Rib Nachos – $15

Corn chips topped with beef short ribs, cheese, jalapeno cream, coriander & spring onions

Snooki Dawg – $12

A New Jersey style hot dog with a deep fried frankfurt, deep fried pickle, yellow onion relish and mustard

S’mores Pie – $10

Rich chocolate pie with a cookie base, topped with toasted marshmallow and served with vanilla ice cream

Thursday special – BBQ Plate – $20

Thursdays only! Smoked chicken with cheesy corn bread, BBQ beans, coleslaw and tater tots!

Mouth watering photos of all this good grub are on their way! Stay tuned – or better yet, book a table and see it all for yourself! Email us on or call us: 02 9283 8792.


Mon 31st March 2014

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