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It’s our third birthday this Thursday night! We’re celebrating with deep fried birthday cake and our SECOND ANNUAL HOT DOG EATING CONTEST!

Think you can eat more dawgs than anyone else? Enter the contest to show the world how many hot dogs you can eat in ten minutes!

Entry is just $20 and the winner gets a prize of $100 in Dip dollars, a jug of Goodgod’s finest punch and a copy of Levins’s cookbook Diner! Book yourself a into the contest by emailing us on!

Everyone not entering the contest can come down and watch their friends stuff themselves with hot dogs! Then grab a slice of our famous deep fried birthday cake and dance the night away! It’s our party and we want to celebrate with you!


Thursday the 29th of May

At The Dip / Goodgod Small Club

Hot Dog Eating Contest kicks off at 8pm

Book at table or book yourself into the Hot Dog Eating Contest by emailing us on or giving us a call on 02 9283 8792.

Tue 27th May 2014

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