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We’re closing The Dip in four weeks.

At the beginning of this year our son Archie was born. You’ve probably seen him all over Instagram. Having a kid changes your life – mostly it meant that Bianca needed to be at home with him almost every day, keeping her from The Dip. We have been blessed with incredible staff who were more than capable of running The Dip without B – even without me – but The Dip was something that B and I started together, and the idea of it existing without both of us just didn’t seem right.

So rather than The Dip morphing into something less like the restaurant we opened together three years ago (potentially better, potentially worse, we’ll never know!) we’re gonna go out on a high note. The Dip’s last night of trade will be Saturday the 12th of July.

Needless to say Goodgod Small Club isn’t going anywhere and I’m looking forward to throwing more parties with them into the future.

It’s hard to believe that we even got The Dip up and running. Between Bianca and myself we had a total of 0 years experience in the restuarant industry, but with a bit of help The Dip opened for business in May 2011 and since then we have enjoyed three awesome years of serving the food we love to eat to thousands of happy faces. We’ve worked with a few of our food heroes and have been honoured to be a part of the amazing funhouse that is Goodgod Small Club.

There are so many people we need to thank for making those 3 years great – and we’ll get to that over the next 4 weeks – but first and foremost we need to thank Jimmy and Hana from Goodgod Small Club for choosing us to fill their kitchen space in 2011. It’s been such a thrill to follow in their inspiring footsteps and open our own business, and even more of thrill to work with them on so many exciting events. Jimmy is currently talking with potential food collaborators to take advantage of the soon-to-be available kitchen opportunity. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, or if you’re just interested in what the next incarnation is, you should send Jimmy an email –

As for me and what I’ll be doing next, everybody who knows me knows that I’ve been working on ten different things as well as The Dip over the last few years. I’ll be focusing more of my time on Heaps DecentHalfway Crooks, DJing, running parties at Goodgod, being a kool dad and will probably start ten new things by the end of the year.

The most important thing for you to take from this is that there are only four weeks left for you to eat a Lev’s Dawg. Or a Young Cheezy with a side of Pulled Pork Nachos. In fact, we’ll be bringing back all of the most beloved specials, so if you never got to try a Ribwich or a Watermelon & Bacon Burger, you’ve got four weeks to come down and try those too.

I look forward to seeing all of you for one last Dip feast!

Thanks so much,


The Dip

Mon 16th June 2014

It’s our third birthday this Thursday night! We’re celebrating with deep fried birthday cake and our SECOND ANNUAL HOT DOG EATING CONTEST!

Think you can eat more dawgs than anyone else? Enter the contest to show the world how many hot dogs you can eat in ten minutes!

Entry is just $20 and the winner gets a prize of $100 in Dip dollars, a jug of Goodgod’s finest punch and a copy of Levins’s cookbook Diner! Book yourself a into the contest by emailing us on!

Everyone not entering the contest can come down and watch their friends stuff themselves with hot dogs! Then grab a slice of our famous deep fried birthday cake and dance the night away! It’s our party and we want to celebrate with you!


Thursday the 29th of May

At The Dip / Goodgod Small Club

Hot Dog Eating Contest kicks off at 8pm

Book at table or book yourself into the Hot Dog Eating Contest by emailing us on or giving us a call on 02 9283 8792.

Tue 27th May 2014

It’s getting cold outside so why not rug up at The Dip and feast on these awesome new specials! Here are five great reasons to come in this week:


Look at that thing. Beef, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo and caramelised onions on a super soft bun. Come chomp down on perfection.


A huge piece of buttery corn bread sits proudly atop a mountain of chili con carne, cheese, sour cream and spring onions. Our chef Jaime’s family chili recipe!


Make sure you overload on chili with these Beef Chili Nachos – spicy, slow cooked chili with corn chips, melted cheese, tomato salsa, jalapeno cream. Oh man yum.


We pay homage to Master P and No Limit with the Kraut It, Kraut It dawg! Make your tastebuds say uhh with a hot dog topped with sauerkraut, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard.


It’s only one week until our 3rd birthday and, more importantly, our 2nd Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest! The best way to give yourself the winning edge is to come down to The Dip and practice by eating as many hot dogs as you can this week! Find out more info about our birthday and how you can enter the contest here.

Sun 18th May 2014

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